Manor Fridays | Panda’s Open Bar

Manor DC - Friday Night Open Bar

Friday Nights at Manor DC  | Click the Image to RSVP| Click the Image to RSVP

Panda’s Open Bar + Free Admission All Night with RSVP | VIP Tables: 202.770.8537
Manor Lounge DC | 1327 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Gryphon Saturdays – Late Night Social | DC’s Top International Party

Fridays Nights at The Gryphon DC

Saturday Nights at The Gryphon DC  | Click the Image to RSVP

Gryphon Saturdays with rotating Celebrity DJ’s at The Gryphon DC
Late Night Social Hour Open Bar + Free Admission All Night | VIP Tables: 202.770.8537
The Gryphon DC | 1337 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036


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Best of DC Nightlife with LITON EVENTS in Washington DC

When you think of DC nightlife; partying, dancing, clubs, VIP tables, special events, you need to know LITON EVENTS. Whether it’s an intimate birthday gathering or a corporate event, LITON EVENTS has, for the past decade, been a household name. Since 2003, we have remained the incredible force behind metro DC’s hippest events, biggest industry names, and the hottest nightlife lifestyle and hospitality venues this side of the US.

DC Nightlife Party Planners Bachelorettes and Event planners are only a few of our clients

For over 11 years now, our services in event planning, VIP table reservations, Boutique events, Networking happy hours, Holiday parties, New Year’s Eve Galas, Celebrity Appearances, Concerts, Festivals, etc. have been well-received by DC’s partying elite circles and individuals who possess a desire for an exceptional DC nightlife experience. If you need an event, we have one brewing for you. We cater to beautiful people and young movers and shakers. People like you. At LITON EVENTS, we don’t exclude. Whatever your budget is or no matter how small you want your party to be, we’ve got one just for you. Whether it’s a rooftop lounge brunch or a 4,000-man corporate celebration, we merge all the right ingredients to turn your dream event into a much-talked about reality.

Nightclub Bottle Service and Table Reservations in Washington DC

Everyone who parties in Washington DC wants to live it up and party like a celebrity; and there’s no better way to do that than to treat yourself to bottle service. Instead of spending time grabbing drinks at the bar, you could be having the time of your life dancing with your friends. With a private table area and exclusive access to your own personal bottles of your favorite liquor; everything is within reach. So say goodbye to waiting in line at front door or at the bar for drinks and say hello to VIP treatment. Because when the bottles come to you, there is no precious time wasted! Once you experience bottle service with Liton Events DC, you may wonder how you ever spent a night at the club without it.

We can cater to all your party needs in the Washington DC mid atlantic area and beyond!

Our business is where you want us to be. While we primarily cater to DC nightlife and hospitality events, we do have affiliate vendors in adjacent cities who we can partner with in developing an event suited specifically to your whims. Tell us your requirements and we’ll work on something mind-blowing for you. In DC, we work with a extensive list of existing and upcoming event venues including Gryphon Lounge on Connecticut Avenue, Kapanos, and Malmaison in Georgetown. Modern with a touch of classy, both venues can accommodate 100 or so guests. Prefer a unique spa party?

We have a proven history and expertise for creating amazing and unforgettable parties and events.

With team members who have personally handled events and hospitality hubs for so many years, it’s no wonder our company is among DC’s most trusted names when it comes to life-enchanting events. Not only have we brought local artistry to the limelight, but we have also been consistently creating, planning and promoting successful events and venues for over ten years. Among our satisfied clients are high-profile executives and leading figures in the entertainment industry.

We life and breathe events.

The difference between us and other events marketing firms is our creativity and relentless passion for events and lifestyle. Our commitment to satisfy discerning tastes allows us consistently innovative ways to turn every event from drab to drastically fun and mind-blowing. Contact 202.770.8537 to hire a Professional VIP Host to cater your needs for the Best DC Nightlife experience.

We offer event locations, corporate parties, private parties in the Washington DC area!

At the heart of what we do lies a commitment for bringing not just the DC nightlife to the next level, but the entire hospitality and events culture as a whole. Thanks to its managing partners and trusted suppliers, our company has successfully developed a plethora of events and lifestyle hubs that patrons in DC and elsewhere – both young and old – have come to love and crave for. Our extensive list of services include bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, engagement parties, lunch/brunch services, charity events or fundraisers, VIP table services, and other event planning services that we hold either in our own clubs or in our partners’. We also accommodate requests for home luncheons and office-based parties. Really, there’s no sky and there’s no limit when you hire us for your event needs. At LITON EVENTS, we settle for nothing short of exceptional. So whether it’s promoting a wild and loud post-concert gig or creating an elegant engagement party, you can be assured that we got your needs covered and more, 101%. Indeed, it’s easy to see how LITON EVENTS has become the darling of the event-hungry. To see the complete list of services we offer, contact us at litonevents{at}

We work with your budget for event and party planning.

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving out a detail you so desire just because your events planner says your budget doesn’t cut it. With us, nothing is more important than making our customer happy beyond expectations. We don’t let you settle. We don’t stop working until you are more than satisfied. No matter how limited your budget is, we make sure we get the party you want, nothing less.


When you think of nightlife in DC, with all the clubs, the partying, VIP tables, dancing and special events you know LITON EVENTS must be involved. Whether it’s a large corporate event or an intimate gathering to celebrate a birthday LITON EVENTS since 2003 has been the primary force behind all of metro DC’s hottest parties, major industry celebrations, and the hippest nightlife and hospitality venues on the east coast.

Anyone and everyone in Washington DC who parties wants to do it like celebrities do; and we all know that doesn’t mean standing around a bar waiting to be served.
People in the know treat themselves to bottle service with access to their own favorite bottles of liquor with seating in a private table area so everything desire is at their fingertips. No more standing in line hoping to get in. You can now live it up with VIP treatment. Let the bottles come to you so your time in a club is spent dancing and enjoying your friends. Once you’ve had the pleasure of bottle service with LITON EVENTS there’s simply no going back!

LITON EVENTS has been very well known for over 15 years now as the premier event planning company by DC’s partying elite, the very people who strive for the ultimate in DC nightlife and celebrations. Whatever you desire in planning your event, whether it’s VIP table reservations, Networking happy hours, Boutique events, Celebrity appearances, Holiday parties, Concerts, New Year’s Eve galas, Festivals and more, we can give you the time of your life.

If you are among the up and coming movers and shakers, the beautiful people in DC then you’re our clientele. At LITON EVENTS we work within your budget to put on the
most spectacular party, no matter how small or large. You may want a casual Sunday brunch or a huge corporate celebration, either way LITON EVENTS combines all the best ingredients to make sure the event you’ve been dreaming of becomes the talk of the town.